About Us

We are a Progressive Preschool. We aim to develop creativity, critical thinking and exemplary character among the young children!

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of the next generation by providing world-class quality progressive education. Let us learn, grow and excel together!

How We Started

Mind at Work started because of the owner's vision. Learning is meant to be fun! Thus, we provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that center's on meeting the child's needs and interests, while tapping into their full potential.



Studied at University of the Philippines. Directress at Mind at Work Child Development and Tutorial Center.


Studied at University of the Philippines Diliman. Started at Mind at Work Child Development and Tutorial Center in 2016.


A Graduate of BEED - SPED. Passionate, hard-working and flexible and patient.


Their curriculum is appropriate for young children … Not too much academic load unlike traditional schools (some). Kids have opportunity to learn in a fun and interesting way. My kids learned to love reading because they always tell stories. I recommend Mind at Work.

Im really leaning towards Progressive approach. I saw the difference with my daughter and her cousin enrolled in a TRAD school. Her cousin has a lot of homeworks, graded quizzes and too many books for a preschooler, whereas in progressive (enrolled in Mind at Work- Fairview), their homeworks are so fun and interactive. I see that my daughter is happy and and I'm happy for her too.

My daughter went there this school year and I'm happy with her development. She loves her classmates and teacher. She has a lot of stories about their class activities, their storytelling …

College Square Dormitory, Lyric corner Regalado Ave (Above Metrobank) (7,216.78 mi)
Quezon City, Philippines 1118

Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Phone No.: 0949 925 4469